We have our most handsome collection of music yet! Interpretations of horses, drawn by various artists on the roster, adorn the CD sampler that will now come with every physical order until we run out.

Featuring new songs from Michael Feuerstack and The Olympic Symphonium, a live track of Paper Beat Scissors with orchestral accompaniment, a new piece of music from Isador, and a cover of Hall & Oats‘ Maneater by Gypsophilia.

Forward Music Group – 2017/2018 Sampler
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neigh, neigh, neigh,


Only weeks ago, many music fans across Canada mourned the loss of one of The Signal, one of CBC Radio‘s most beloved shows.

Have you heard the good news though? Laurie is continuing with radio through her new Pondercast, which has listeners intrigued since the inaugural episode.

The music might have something to do with the trance-like state the show puts you inside and guides you through. Joshua Van Tassel will continue composing for future episodes of the program. Stay tuned for Episode 02.