We’ve got advance streams on both sides of the Atlantic for Paper Beat Scissors’ new EP through both CBC and Germany’s Visions Magazine. Here’s what they had to say about the record:

“a tight, six-song collection…Crabtree’s hypnotic voice leads you through each song, mapping out what this new project has made him question over the last two years – accompanied by the word “know,” which appears in every song.”CBC MUSIC

isten in North America via CBC Music // Listen in Europe via Visions

“dreamy vocals and spherical sounds”VISIONS

This comes after Germany’s Crazewire premiered the video for ‘All It Was’ earlier this month and Exclaim! premiered the beautiful cover of The Weather Station‘s song ‘What Am I Going To Do With Everything I Know’ earlier this week. Listen here and read Tim’s words on his discovery of the song:

“I think the first time I saw Tamara [Lindeman, of the Weather Station] perform this song was during Summer’s End Festival on a tiny island in the Bay of Fundy back in 2013,” he tells Exclaim! “It was pitch black that night, no ambient light coming from anywhere, and with the silence of the rapt crowd there was really nothing there but her voice and guitar. After the festival I looked up the song online, but it hadn’t been released yet, so I learned how to play it watching a video some fan had uploaded of her singing the song with Ian Kehoe in a record store.”

European band tour starts later this month and have been expanded, check the shows page.



All We Know
 is an EP preview to a forthcoming full-length from Paper Beat Scissors and was mixed by Sandro Perri. The album uses a familiar group of musicians you may recognize from Gianna Lauren‘s current release among others  on the label, and features a cover of a song by The Weather Station.

Recorded mainly in rural Ontario with Andy Magoffin (longtime engineer for Great Lake SwimmersConstantines) and Richard Reed Parry (Arcade Fire)’s Skybarn studio the broad musical palette present on prior Paper Beat Scissors is expanded once more. Long-time collaborators Pietro Amato (the Luyas, Bell Orchestre – French horn) and Sebastian Chow (Islands – violin) are joined by new in the shape of the aching viola of Pemi Paull and Andy Magoffin’s alto horn contributions on ‘Didn’t Know’ with Crabtree adding piano, clarinet, and baritone saxophone to round things out.

The band will tour through Europe later this month, including a headline slot at Theatron Pfingstfestival in Munich’s Olympic Park as well as a couple of shows with Wintersleep.

May 28 – Bocholt, Germany: Vogelhaus
May 29 – Hamburg, Germany: Molotow (w/ Wintersleep) // tickets/info
May 30 – Mainz, Germany: Schon Schön // facebook
May 31 – Cologne, Germany: Weltempfänger // fb
June 1 – Münster, Germany: Gleis 22 (w/ Wintersleep) // tickets/info
June 2 – Wurzburg, Germany: Cairo // tickets
June 3 – Vienna, Austria: Haus Der Musik // tickets/info
June 4 – Augsburg, Germany: Bedroom Disco // secret location, reserve tickets
June 5 – Munich, GermanyTheatron Pfingstfestival (FREE!) // info
June 7 – Regensburg, Germany: Heimat Regensburg // fb
June 8 – Prague, Czech: Potrvá // tickets/info
June 9 – Karlsruhe, Germany: Substage // tickets/info // fb
June 10 – Orbe, Switzerland: Hessel // tickets/info
June 11 – Allschwil, SwitzerlandOut in the Green Festival // tickets/info
June 12 – Paris, France: Le Pop In (SOLO) // fb