Turn Into Vapour is a summation of everything the Halifax indie scene can offer. The lyrics are smart but unselfconscious, the music ambitious without burying the pop hooks and the production clean but retaining a raw edge. Early standouts include “Got Caught” and “Allyson Got Robbed” with its memorable refrain, “get your goddamn hands of off my girl.”  – The Coast

I don’t remember how exactly we met Sleepless Nights but I do remember feeling as though they were family the moment we saw them perform. They quickly became our Halifax allies and we saw a lot of each other in the early aughts. So when they were getting ready to release their next record I’m not even sure if anyone made a formal offer/request, it was just (correctly) assumed that Forward would help release it.

Listen to Turn Into Vapour

From singer/guitarist/producer Aaron Wallace:

I wish I could remember more about the making of Turn Into Vapour but when I see pictures from that time I feel good. We had a great workspace where I could stay up all night and work on dumb recording ideas. I put 100s of hours experimenting with sound for this record. I recorded anyone who came by and if no one was around I just played whatever was to be recorded myself. This was done around the same time as the Jamz EP and you can hear some similar sounds.

Listening to it now I always think I could remix this and do such a better job but the hard drive it’s on went missing in action. It’s probably for the best though. I’d rather it be a document of where we were at than go down the same road as the Zappas and Pink Floyds and deliver a characterless septaphonic HD 23.6 disc box set.

From drummer Josh Pothier:

My main memory of Turn Into Vapour was recording the drums one drum at a time – I would sit at the kit and Aaron would mic the kick and mute the snare and toms with blankets or pillows. Then we’d do the snare and mute the kick & toms, and so on. This was so each drum would sound as clean as possible with no bleed or overtones from other drums. We didn’t have a full scale recording facility, we had a converted shed-studio and some mics that I think Aaron had actually built himself. The whole thing was a DIY operation and to me it gives those songs some extra character.


The Shivering Songs festival is extremely pleased to add an impressive slew of artists to its 2018 line-up: Timber Timbre, Reeny Smith, Fiver, Laurie Brown‘s Pondercast taping with Joshua Van Tassel, and Motherhood, as well as Bob Mersereau, Mike Trask, Julie Aubé, Camille DeleanLoic April, and The Montgomery Street Band. Now celebrating its eighth edition, Shivering Songs runs January 18-21 in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

These artists join previously announced acts Bahamas, David Myles, Catherine MacLellan, Sandro Perri, Hillsburn, and festival founders The Olympic Symphonium.

Festival organizers are particularly excited about these additions: “We’re thrilled to feature so many diverse voices of this next generation of the Canadian songwriting tradition,” said Shivering Songs co-organizer, Zach Atkinson. “We couldn’t be happier about the schedule we’ve assembled for our community.”

Make a long awaited Fredericton debut in support of venerable fourth album Sincerely, Future Pollution, Timber Timbre uses cues from the past to fuse the sound of a distant, haunted now. Commonly referred to as the “Canadian Alicia Keys,” award winning chanteuse Reeny Smith will add gospel stylings to the annual Shivering Songs Bluegrass Brunch. Known for helming beloved acts One Hundred Dollars and The Highest Order, Toronto’s Simone Schmidt brings her solo project Fiver to Fredericton. As their genre remains illusory, local darlings Motherhood have carved out a palpable aesthetic and tremendous following over two full-lengths, an EP, and a split tape. Shivering Songs 2018 will also feature a special taping of Pondercast, an arresting new podcast from Laurie Brown and Joshua Van Tassel. One of Canada’s finest broadcasters, Brown recently wrapped-up a ten year tenure as the host of CBC’s The Signal. Something of a musical chameleon, Van Tassel has created his own critically acclaimed albums and supported such diverse artists as Donovan Woods, Rose Cousins, Doug Paisley, Great Lake Swimmers, Royal Wood, and Justin Rutledge. Together, the pair will present a special taping of Pondercast, featuring music from Van Tassel and fellow 2018 headliner Sandro Perri.

A midwinter celebration of songwriting and storytelling, and flagship partner of Fredericton’s FROSTival, Shivering Songs hosts internationally renowned artists in historic and intimate spaces throughout Downtown Fredericton.

Shivering Songs passes and select individual tickets are on sale now at $1 from each ticket or pass sold in 2017-2018 will be donated to the United Way of Central New Brunswick’s annual fundraising campaign.