Goddamit. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

For nearly fifteen years A.A. Wallace has been releasing music with an outfit called Sleepless Nights. Approaching the ten-year anniversary of their breakout EP, Hang Up, Sleepless Nights reconvened for the release of Keith Hamilton in 2017 – a brand new recording that captured a set of songs from the band’s breakup era never laid to tape. Following a quick Maritime tour in its support with four of the group’s longest-standing members, Wallace officially relocated the band to Toronto and once again donned up the Sleepless Nights moniker. 

“Kids On Drugs” is a brand new glammed up, T. Rex-infused ripper bemoaning overmedicated youth and was recorded and produced by Joel Plaskett at his New Scotland Yard studio and also features Jordan Murphy of Walrus on drums.

Like all songs that sound best on your turntable – and the most memorable songs in the Sleepless Nights back catalog – the fun vibes obscure bleaker, lyrical undertones about parents who would rather give their kids drugs than offer them guidance.

Yes, goddamit, Sleepless Nights are back. And with new rock n’ roll tracks full of ripping riffs, dry wit, hand claps, and tongue-in-cheek meditations on society at large, it’s almost like they never left.


This summer Paper Beat Scissors has been back and forth across Canada performing at festivals, in cemeteries, and as Freddie Mercury.

It was while touring around Europe this spring that Tim Crabtree got into the habit of playing an old Annie Lennox song, and while in Utrecht he caught up with the folks at Here on Out to shoot a live video.

Next week PBS will be performing in Quebec City, a rooftop show in Montreal, and at the end of August Tim will perform with a 6-piece orchestral ensemble in Halifax. Tickets are VERY limited so act quick!

July 31 – Quebec City, QC: l’Anti w/ Reuben and the Dark // tickets | facebook
August 5 – Montreal, QC: Rooftop Show (email to reserve) | facebook
August 26 – Halifax, NS: Halifax Urban Folk Festival w/ 6-piece orchestra // tickets