For all its experimental underpinning, MUUIXX strikes an incredible balance between playful textures, backdoor pop sensibilities and serious structural integrity.

JOYFULTALK‘s (Jay Crocker) homebuilt instruments and analogue treatment imbue the nine tracks with a wide range of sensations, recalling a myriad pioneers: the heavy patchwork of Cluster, the micro exoticism of early RZA, even the fraught insistence of Derek Bailey. But reference aside, MUUIXX has a motion all it’s own; a peculiar kind of ticking that threads itself along. Diligently scored, performed and recorded by Jay Crocker with a set of fourteen custom built instruments at his home studio in Crousetown, Nova Scotia, MUUIXX functions as a vibrant, oversized diorama of its creator’s mind, an evocative scene that could be designed by no other.