Cedric Noel
"a one-man song factory" - Aquarium Drunkard
"equal parts gorgeous and haunting, simple and thought provoking" - Atwood Magazine

Cedric Noel has spent the past decade creating soul-stirring pieces that muse on identity, Black beauty, and celebration. His music is informed by his unique worldview: He was born in Niger to Canadian and Mozambican/Belgian parents, spent his upbringing around the world, and is currently based in Montreal.

Noel has released a number of critically praised full length albums, EPs and collaborative works of his own, while also playing bass for acts like Ada Lea, Alexia Avina, and Dana Gavanski.
Nighttime (Skin)
  • ARTIST: Cedric Noel
  • TITLE: Nighttime (Skin)
  • CAT#:
  • FORMAT: Digital
  • RELEASE DATE: July 09, 2021

Speaking about the new track, Noel says: "The song is a reflection of my relationship with blackness and how trying to accept myself more. It was a catalyst for that and I wanted it to be an acknowledgment of my own shortcomings in accepting myself but also a celebration of that acknowledgment."

“Showcasing both his knack for heartrending melodies and Dinosaur Jr.-sized riffs, its lyrics are informed by his ongoing struggles with self-identity” – Aquarium Drunkard