Michael Feuerstack
Michael Feuerstack is a songwriter, musician, and producer based in Montréal, QC. In his nearly 3 decades-long presence in the musical world, he has penned a deluge of records, collaborated with countless internationally renowned talents, and impressed those who encounter his work with his curiosity, musicality, and agility across genres. Feuerstack’s solo career (formerly under the name Snailhouse) comprises a collection of songs that simultaneously comfort and confront. In both lyrics and music, Feuerstack seamlessly passes from traditional to experimental – revealing a willingness to engage in both contemporary and traditional forms. His explorations have resulted in a staggering body of work, beloved to many. His varied ongoing pursuits reflect a relentless appetite for growth, and a responsiveness to change, as well as a respect for the greats. In all of this, Feuerstack strikes a musical balance that pays the highest respect to the listener.

Feuerstack’s current and past artistic partnerships include composition and instrumental contributions to Bell Orchestre, Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars, the Luyas, and many more. For this work he has earned two Junos and a number of other accolades. He is equally known for his collaborative work with choreographers and filmmakers and for producing and mixing albums for both internationally regarded artists as well as for young artists emerging on the scene. Feuerstack is first and foremost a true artist. He is a tireless creator, collaborator, a seeker of stories to tell, and new ways to tell them.

“a national treasure. Like Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen, he will smuggle odd wisdom inside handsome arrangements. Like Bill Callahan or Laura Marling, he will conceal his songs’ strangeness in their traditional form. He will keep singing, certain in his songwriting, revered by his peers, even without the luxury of fame or fortune. He will unfurl a thousand perfect lines.” - The Globe & Mail

"Why is Michael Feuerstack still a hidden gem?” - CBC Radio’s Q

"slow, gentle songs of love and truth and unforgettable regrets.” - NOW Toronto
Harmonize the Moon
  • ARTIST: Michael Feuerstack
  • TITLE: Harmonize the Moon
  • CAT#: FMG090
  • FORMAT: Vinyl, Digital
  • RELEASE DATE: March 19, 2021

All over Montreal Michael Feuerstack’s latest record, Harmonize the Moon, time—and its inherent illusory nature—is incredibly elastic. Some moments seem to stretch on forever; others are illuminated only briefly, like fiery embers popping into the sky, extinguished just as quickly as they’re recognized.

While Feuerstack arranged and recorded Harmonize the Moon completely solo at his apartment in the spring of 2020, the songs that compose it were written over the past couple years, on wanderings and tours as well as at home. He embarked on a slow process of balancing the poetic with the narrative, producing songs that flow naturally instead of adhering too rigidly to established forms. The result is a collection that’s pensive but playful, introspective yet generous, and achingly intimate.

The tone is tentatively hopeful throughout. Over deliberately thrummed acoustic guitar and minimal drums, Feuerstack moves slowly and with intention, rendering his transmissions in intimate arrangements and his warm, expressive voice.


“gentle and reflective”AmericanaUK

“absolutely marvellous”One Chord To Another

“Feuerstack sings with the urgent softness and crafted lyricism of Leonard Cohen”Riff Magazine

“an album that stays with you for a while, floating back and through and serenely reiterating as needed.Folk Radio UK

“A transmission through the beauty of intimate arrangements and poetic narrative”Skope Mag

“como un puente hacia el interior de Michael Feuerstack”Indie Criollo

“Feuerstack may never get his credit as one of our country’s premier songwriters, but Harmonize the Moon is another glowing example of why it should.”Exclaim!

“Harmonize the Moon is filled with ten gorgeous songs, Michael’s gentle, embroidered acoustic guitar complimented by pedal steel wanderings.”Petal Motel

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