Glass Gallery
  • ARTIST: Nick Schofield
  • TITLE: Glass Gallery
  • CAT#: BKWRD023
  • FORMAT: Digital
  • RELEASE DATE: February 05, 2021

This alluring new instrumental work from Montreal-based composer Nick Schofield draws the listener into a state where texture, form and gesture unfurl in federation. Composed entirely on a vintage Prophet-600 synthesizer, Glass Gallery imparts a series of effortless yet interconnected moods from within the instrument’s signature palette. Inspired by the light and space of Ottawa’s National Gallery, the album explores new age, ambient and environmental tendencies with a welcoming immediacy.

“beautiful and stately” – Tome To The Weather Machine
“exceptionally relaxing”Dusty Organ
“the perfect mid-winter listen”CBC Music
“a beautiful daydream” Exclaim!
“a beautiful collection of sounds” Independent Clauses

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