• ARTIST: Sarah Pagé
  • TITLE: Voda
  • CAT#: BKWRD032
  • FORMAT: Digital
  • RELEASE DATE: June 02, 2023

Voda is the latest album from Montréal’s exploratory harpist Sarah Pagé. Comprising nine longforms movements, the music grew out of a collaborative performance piece with Russian/Ukrainian choreographer Nika Stein. The standalone album explores concepts of mortality and vitality through humankind's relationship to water, carrying concepts from Russian mythology through murky depths and into profound passages of tenderness. Featuring bass, cello, violin, koto, electronics, oak branches, water bowls and waterphone, Voda is an entirely moving and unique achievement.

“graceful”New Sounds, WNYC
“gripping and enveloping”Cast the Dice

“a rich, expansive sound universe”PAN M 360
“full of mystic beauty and gentle, fluttering melodies”Bandcamp
“a hushed, quietly-unfolding mystery”The Autumn Roses

“Her ability to portray beauty and danger in turn and at times together is extraordinary.”A Closer Listen

“a dynamic journey that drifts the listener through tangled knots and flowing eddies”The Attic Mag

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