ARTIST: Gianna Lauren
TITLE: M o v i n g P a r t s
CAT#: FMG061
FORMAT: CD, Digital
RELEASE DATE: April 28, 2017

M o v i n g P a r t s is an album of sinister tales of outer space, wounded souls, broken bridges, and burnt out feelings. Songs are inspired by highway drives, scotch and cigars, late night chats, and leather wingback chairs.

The first single from the album, Mistakes, was premiered on NPR's All Songs Considered two years ago and the second single, Windows, came out as a limited-edition cassette with exclusive remix in late 2015.

As a result of scheduling conflicts, Gianna hesitated to release the album at all. “The challenges to making this band work forced me to re-think whether this band should even release an album,” Lauren says. “So I buried it.”

performed by:

J.J. Ipsen - keys, moog, bass, bass clarinet, voice
Marshall Bureau - drums, percussion
Justin Nace - electric guitar
Andy Magoffin - trumpet
Gianna Lauren - voices, electric guitar, nylon-string guitar

Produced by Gianna Lauren + Justin Nace
Recorded at Echo Lake with Daniel Ledwell, in Toronto with Gavin Gardiner, and The House of Miracles with Andy Magoffin