ARTIST: Motherhood
TITLE: Pick of the Pugs - Single
CAT#: FMG072
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: September 07, 2018

Motherhood's new music tells the story of a painter who turns to drinking obsessively in the wake of a breakup. "Pick Of The Pugs" marks his shift from obsessing over the end of the relationship to obsessing over paint. He aggressively paints the outside of his ex's house while she's away, while arrogantly claiming that he's not bothered by the events that transpired between them.

Produced by Kyle Cunjak & Motherhood

Mixed by Jay Crocker at Prism Ship (Crousetown, Nova Scotia)
Mastered by Bryan Martin (Sonosphere, Montreal)

Brydon Crain - guitar, vocals
Adam Sipkema - all sorts of percussion, vocals
Penelope Stevens - synth, organ, vocals

Additional performers:
Kyle Cunjak - upright bass