ARTIST: Paper Beat Scissors
TITLE: Parallel Line
CAT#: FMG082
FORMAT: Vinyl, CD, Digital
RELEASE DATE: September 13, 2019

A delicately expansive collection, the new album from Paper Beat Scissors reaches to far-off wonderment and far-in feelings with ease. Suffused with existential pondering, Parallel Line explores all the mess and complexity inherent to merely being alive, albeit with a quiet clarity, a wide-eyed vulnerability. On this third studio full-length, each track is permeated by graceful chamber orchestration, the mood hung tenderly on Tim Crabtree’s arresting vocal work.

A parallel line can only be defined, can only exist, in relation to something else. This is the subtle singularity that the album delves into: how do we qualify ourselves by others’ presence/absence? How is our sense of self strung within a multitude of people, places, experiences, all gently bent and wandering? Both the content of and processes behind Parallel Line explore these open relations.