Some Move Closer, Some Move On
  • ARTIST: Gianna Lauren
  • TITLE: Some Move Closer, Some Move On
  • CAT#: FMG023
  • FORMAT: CD, Digital
  • RELEASE DATE: October 12, 2010

Written and recorded following a spontaneous move from Ottawa, Ontario, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Some Move Closer, Some Move On deals with themes of adaptation, longing, and displacement. Sonically, Lauren and co-producer Daniel Ledwell (Jenn Grant, In-Flight Safety) guide the listener through a range of sounds and musical touchstones. Throughout, Lauren s characteristic melodies share space with layers of warm instrumentation. Ambient pop-rock keeps company with softer, more poignant material. From the depths of the capacious "Standstill" to the stripped-down "Night Times" every song is a likable surprise. And somehow, an acapella hymn recorded in an abandoned warehouse blends seamlessly into the gypsy-jazz track that concludes the album.

" of the season's most intriguing albums." - Toronto Star

"Such care and dedication was put into this record that I can't give this (review) anything less than an excellent. I may also have found an album worthy to be on my best-of-the-year list." - Greyowl Point

"Some Move Closer, Some Move On is a slow burning, moody journey filled with lonely spaces, surprising tempo changes and tender warmth. Spare arrangements draw you close, but Lauren is inventive and the subtle transitions she offers up keep the record shifting and the listener engaged." - Herohill

"...songs are writ large with atmospheric sounds that give a heavy mood to observations on life and love in the time of technology." - Ottawa Citizen

"Gianna s songs are delicate and somber, yet hopeful. She channels the spirits of early Joni Mitchell and contemporary P.J. Harvey." - Earshot Online

Produced by Dan Ledwell
Engineered & Mixed by Dan Ledwell
Mastered by J.Lapointe
Art by Gianna Lauren & Kyle Cunjak

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