Michael Feuerstack - Tambourine Death Bed

ARTIST: Michael Feuerstack
TITLE: Tambourine Death Bed
CAT#: FMG041
FORMAT: Vinyl, CD, Digital
RELEASE DATE: May 07, 2013

With Tambourine Death Bed, Feuerstack ushers in a new chapter for his solo work, one that weaves together all of the rich experience and influences of his vast and varied career.


Laurel "Little Scream" Sprengelmeyer: vocals
Jeremy Gara: drums, broken synth on Trees
Colin Stetson: horns and woodwinds
Nathan Gage: double bass
Mathieu Charbonneau: piano
Sebastian Chow: violin

Recorded by MF at home
Mixed by Jeremy Gara
Mastered by Harris Newman